Mosquito - Rules


Game Start: 6:30pm
Game Length: 1 hour 40 mins, or 6 innings
No new inning to start after noted time limit (ie. game start at 6:30pm, no new inning after 8:10pm)
Baseline length: 60'
Plate to pitcher: 44'
Plate to backstop: 25' - 40'
Batter's box: 3' x 6' centered on plate and 4" away from plate, both sides
Coaches box: 8' x 12', 10' off base path
Maximum of 5 runs per inning
Mercy - 10 run differential after losing team has had 4th bat

No Open Inning
Runners are allowed to steal home
Runners may not lead off, may steal AFTER the ball crosses the plate
No running on 3rd strike if ball is dropped by the catcher
Players may pitch and catch in the same game
Ball to be used: "official league" or similar with stitches and leather cover
Overage players - Maximum of 1 year older (as of Jan 1st)
Number of overage players must be less than 50% of your total team
Overage players MUST be declared.  They cannot pitch or back catch
All other rules refer to Baseball Alberta Rule Book.